May 2015


Hack in the Box Haxpo - A-to-Z of CyberSecurity as a Kid understands it

Highlight (Keynote) talk on the dangers & defenses of cybersecurity with demonstrations from A-to-Z as a kid understands it.

At Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Apr 2015


RSA - Talking 'bout the Next Generation

Unveiled as the 'Real' Next Generation of Security & Co-keynote with Christofer Hoff (CTO - Juniper Networks)

At San Francisco, USA

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Mar 2015


BSides Austin - CyberSecurity-NG

Opening Keynote on "The Next Generation of CyberSecurity."

At Austin,Texas

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Nov 2014


Ground Zero InfoSec Summit - Developing Root Kids the Future of CyberSecurity

Opening Keynote on Root-kids and What you Need to do to Develop Them

At New Delhi, India

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Oct 2014


Hou.Sec.Con 5.0 - Why Can Kids be Really Good Hackers

Closing Keynote on Similarities Between Hackers and Kids

At Houston, Texas

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Sep 2014


Security Congress (ISC)2 - Creating a Safe and Secure Cyber World for Kids (by a Kid)

Opening keynote at the Town Hall meeting on the topic of the need to create a safe and secure cyber world for kids.

At Atlanta, Georgia

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DerbyCon 4.0 - InfoSec from the mouth of Babes (or an 8 year old)

Speaking on 1. Why you should teach InfoSec to kids? 2. How can you teach InfoSec? and 3. What can kids teach you about InfoSec?

At Louisville, Kentucky

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