CyberSecurity – Concepts

CyberSecurity – Concepts

Welcome to the CyberSecurity – Concepts course. In this course, you will learn about some of the cybersecurity concepts.

It is important to know about these concepts as they will give you a starting point. These concepts are like the foundations of a building – the stronger the foundation is, the stronger the building will be against the weather conditions like wind, rain, hail, storm, and other natural disasters.

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Reuben (@RAPst4r) Paul


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  • Thank you for the enlightenment of terms – I have been around computers since the 90’s but only what I either work with or some basics I learned in college to survive(Microsoft office suite and movie maker) – I have big concerns about cyber hacking and big brother intrusions into my privacy – thank you again for taking the time to explain basic terms – I do need to know and will pay attention more to this site.

  • Thank you for your good and easy to understand videos and notes.

  • WOW! It’s a great one

  • Thank you for teaching us about Cyber Concepts! I have learnt much more about cyber security after this course!

    • You are most welcome Glenda Tan. Thank your for your kind words.

  • Thanks for the material ! this is very useful

  • Thanks for tutorials.. They are well explained & easy to understand. But I suggest you to do some advanced videos & tutorials. Thank you!!!

    • Thank you Darius. I am working on the advanced video & tutorials whenever I can find time from schoolwork and extra-curricular activities. These videos take a lot of time.


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