Aug 2017


DoDIIS Worldwide - Opening Co-Keynote with DIA CIO

In this co-keynote with the CIO of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Ms. Janice Glover-Jones, 11 year old Reuben Paul, (@RAPst4r) will engage in a Q&A session on cybersecurity as it applies to this and his generation.

At St.Louis, Missiouri. USA

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May 2017


International One Conference - Mutually Symb-IoT-ic Security

In this keynote, 11 year old Reuben Paul, (@RAPst4r) will discuss the different IoT threats and their dangers. He will then introduce what mutually symb-IoT-ic security is to make sure that the Internet of Things does not end up becoming the Internet of Threats.

At Hague, Netherlands

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Oct 2016


Secure Poland - MindCraft Security

In this keynote, 10 year old Reuben Paul will talk about the need and importance of CRAFTING the MIND of a child with cybersecurity knowledge - covering both cybersecurity dangers and defenses. He will also discuss as to what makes kids really good hackers and what adults can learn from them.

At Warsaw, Poland

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Sep 2016


GeekFest Berlin - Interview With Captain Crunch & Oliver Söhlke

Livestream interview with Captain Crunch & Oliver Söhlke

At Berlin, Germany

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Mar 2016


NIST (FISSEA) - R U #Unhackable?

In this keynote, Reuben Paul (@RAPst4r) covers what makes one hackable or unhackable and covers the importance of cybersecurity education from varied examples, including Michelangelo's painting on the sistine chapel.

At Maryland, USA

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Feb 2016


Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit - i’M ALways aWARE. Are you?

In this keynote, Reuben Paul covers the different kinds of Malware and how they make it into kids computers, demonstrating it by writing a fake game and then covers what one can to do to protect against them.

At Tenerife, Spain

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Nov 2015


Ground Zero InfoSec Summit - The Art of Cyber Kung Fu

In this special address, Reuben Paul will speak about Cyber KungFu, drawing from his experience as the youngest Shaolin Do KungFu 2nd degree black belt.

At New Delhi, India

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Oct 2015


LASCON - Hack Wars : A New Hope

In this talk, you will join forces with Jedi RAPst4r (Reuben Paul), some cool pilots (parents & mentors), wookies (supporters), and possibly droids to show how the CyberUniverse can be saved from evil Dark inVaders (Cyber criminals, Cyberbullies ...).

At Austin, TX. USA

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Sep 2015


DerbyCon 5.0 - CyberSecurity Alphabets - Hacker Edition

In this talk, Reuben (@RAPst4r) takes you through the ARP Spoofing - to - Zero Days (A-to-Z) of CyberSecurity in Hacker Style with demonstration of major attacks.

At Kentucky, USA

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Jun 2015


Hak4Kidz - Hack Wars Episode IV : A New Hope

In this first ever keynote at Hak4Kidz, kids & parents will join forces with Jedi RAPst4r (Reuben Paul), some cool pilots (parents & mentors), wookies (supporters), and possibly (an)droid to show how the CyberUniverse can be saved from evil Dark Hackers. Come for a BeEFed up fun-filled talk and learn about “what” and “who” is the … NEW HOPE.

At Chicago, USA

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May 2015


Hack in the Box Haxpo - A-to-Z of CyberSecurity as a Kid understands it

Highlight (Keynote) talk on the dangers & defenses of cybersecurity with demonstrations from A-to-Z as a kid understands it.

At Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Apr 2015


RSA - Talking 'bout the Next Generation

Unveiled as the 'Real' Next Generation of Security & Co-keynote with Christofer Hoff (CTO - Juniper Networks)

At San Francisco, USA

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Mar 2015


BSides Austin - CyberSecurity-NG

Opening Keynote on "The Next Generation of CyberSecurity."

At Austin,Texas

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Nov 2014


Ground Zero InfoSec Summit - Developing Root Kids the Future of CyberSecurity

Opening Keynote on Root-kids and What you Need to do to Develop Them

At New Delhi, India

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Oct 2014


Hou.Sec.Con 5.0 - Why Can Kids be Really Good Hackers

Closing Keynote on Similarities Between Hackers and Kids

At Houston, Texas

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Sep 2014


Security Congress (ISC)2 - Creating a Safe and Secure Cyber World for Kids (by a Kid)

Opening keynote at the Town Hall meeting on the topic of the need to create a safe and secure cyber world for kids.

At Atlanta, Georgia

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DerbyCon 4.0 - InfoSec from the mouth of Babes (or an 8 year old)

Speaking on 1. Why you should teach InfoSec to kids? 2. How can you teach InfoSec? and 3. What can kids teach you about InfoSec?

At Louisville, Kentucky

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