Hack and Ye shall find! – Indian Fellowship Memphis (2019)

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In this special presentation, 13-year-old Child hacker, Reuben Paul aka ‘The Cyber Ninja’ will present and demonstrate techniques and tools that hackers use, to exploit vulnerabilities and trust, to steal passwords, and gain privileged access to computer systems, etc. He will also highlight the cyber dangers that kids (and even adults) need to be aware about and share how to be safe and secure in cyberspace.

Reuben’s dad, Mano Paul will follow this hacking-related presentation with a message that would reference what Reuben presented and draw parallels to it from cyber space into one’s spiritual life. Just as a hacker would seek and find treasures to their advantage, one can seek and find the greatest treasure of all that is found in Jesus Christ – and how such discovery can grant anyone who believes, access into God’s privileged presence. Hack and Ye shall Find!

Come for an entertaining, enlightening and insightful presentation.

Start Time

6:00 am

September 7, 2019

Finish Time

9:00 am

September 7, 2019


Memphis, USA

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