ABCs of Cyber Dangers

We live in a very technological advanced world. Even a three year old (like my brother, Ittai) knows how to turn on, put the passcode in and use my iPad. The Fitbit devices can read your pulse and monitor your exercise routines. It is only a matter of time before self driving cars is a common thing. However, with this increase in technology, we also see that the world is becoming a very unsafe place, especially for kids and in some case, adults as well.

The ABCs of cyber danger for kids are:
1. Cyber Addiction
2. Cyber Bullying
3. Cyber Coercion

Cyber Addiction is when you cannot live with technology. Spending too much time on your computer or mobile devices is a form of addiction. Kids (and adults) need to have a social life away from technology and devices and interact with friends and play outside, spending time with their families when they are not in school. Whenever you are free, if you are always looking to be online on the computer, or chatting, texting (while you drive which is dangerous), etc. you are either addicted or getting there.

Cyber Bullying takes bullying in person to the online or cyber world. It is a social problem that can lead to serious consequences. Some youth have been cyber-bullied and committed suicide which is really sad. Cyber-bullies can be other kids in your schools or some immature adults as well. Cyber-bullies think they can get away with all the mean things they say (SMS text, post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, etc) but if you inform an adult in authority (parent, school teacher, principal, boss, etc.) then they are less likely to keep on cyber-bullying you (if they are smart). So speak up and tell someone. If your friend or classmate is cyber-bullied, don’t just sit in the sidelines, but stand up for that person, and speak up for them, even that makes you uncool or unpopular amongst your peers.

Cyber Coercion is a technique that hackers use to force you to do something you do not want to do. One example is sometimes, hackers will hack into your computer and say turn on your camera on the computer and take photos of you in your pajamas. Then they will force you to do things for them by threatening you that they will share your pictures in your pajamas with others. Don’t give into them. Inform your parents, or some adult with authority who can do something about this.

You should know about what these cyber dangers are and how they can affect your life.

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