News reports about Reuben Paul

March 13, 2015
Fox News Austin – 9 year old CEO warns crowd of phone hacker dangers

October 22, 2014
CBS 6 News – What this 3rd grader has accomplished will blow your mind
What this third grader has accomplished will blow our mind

October 16, 2014
Houston Channel 2 News – 3rd grader gives keynote at Hou.Sec.Con

August 26, 2013
7 year old Black Belt – Youngest Shaolin Do Kung Fu Black belt in America.

Articles about Reuben Paul

Child Prodigies Around the World (MSN)


April 22, 2015
Threatpost – The ‘Real’ Next Generation of Security Revealed at RSA
RSA - Reuben in a Box - Real Next Gen of Security - 300x170

Whiz Kids: Reuben Paul (Austin Monthly)

8 year old CEO Reuben Paul is a cyber security expert

Eight year old woos Cyber experts

8 year old CEO proves kids are the future of Cybersecurity

Digital Story Telling Competition (DISTCO) 2014 Winner for video biography – The Kung Fu Kid

Talks and Podcasts by Reuben Paul

Invited as the highlight speaker at Hack In The Box (HITB) HaxPo Amsterdam conference in May 2015.



Co-Keynote with Christofer Hoff (CTO, Juniper Networks) on “Talking ’bout the Next Generation”

Proof that the Hack Worked

Invited keynote Speaker at Ground Zero Summit, Asia’s largest Information Security Conference on “Developing r00t-kidz: The future of Cybersecurity”

Closing Keynote Speaker at Houston Security Conference in Houston on “Why Kids make really good hackers?”

Opening Keynote Speaker at (ISC)2 Security Congress Conference in Atlanta on “Creating a Safe and Secure Cyber World for Kids (by a Kid)”

Invited Speaker at DerbyCon (Hacker) conference on “InfoSec from the mouth of babes (or an 8 year old).”


Interview: Reuben Paul in SecurityWeekly

BBC Asian Network Radio Interview for The Nihal Show (audio only) –