• The silhouette is a silhouette of Reuben doing his splits holding a sword over head. The split is to show the flexibility and adaptability that a cybersecurity professional or program should be.
  • The CyberShaolin belt holders work toward sharpening their cybersecurity knowledge and skills which is signified by the Sharp Sword.
  • Everyone starts out at the Cyber White belt level signified by the white Gi (uniform).
  • The goal is to become a Cyber Black belt indicated by the Black belt and the black background.
  • The ultimate belt in Shaolin-Do kung fu is the red belt which is given to the Grandmaster. CyberShaolin belt holders should aim to reach the ultimate belt as one aspire to become the Grandmaster one day. The Cyber Red belt is signified by the Red ring.
  • The Shaolin-Do Yin and Yang is the red and white yin and yang and it signifies the balance between Cyber Dangers (red) and the Cyber Defenses (white) that a CyberShaolin belt holder should know about and understand.
  • Finally, the only thing that is left on the CyberShaolin logo is the Binary text.
    Martial arts master and legend, IP Man is quoted to have said “Use your martial skills for the good of humanity.” The Binary text reads something similar … can you figure it out. Well this may be a challenge in one of the lessons. Why don’t you check it out? 🙂

The Binary in the Logo


For those who don’t want to decode it manually :-), you can use a online binary decoder  to decode the binary in our logo. When you do, please post the result in the comments below and/or share it in your social media circles to spread the word about CyberShaolin and its mission.

One good example of an online binary decoder is the Binary to Text converter in Code Beautify.  It can be accessed at Code Beautify – Binary to Text Decoder