CyberShaolin Cyber Blackbelt Program

Educate | Equip | Empower

The CyberShaolin Cyber Blackbelt program is a simple 3 step process.

Step 1: Educate

Initially Reuben will develop educational content (lessons, videos, games, etc.) on security and technology topics. This content will be hosted in the CyberShaolin web portal and will be part of a lesson plan. All of this content (including videos) will be available for free, for Reuben strongly believes that education should be free and accessible to everyone. The videos will be short (1-5 minute videos) and simple, simplifying complex security and technology concepts into easy to understand educational content, so that even a kid can understand it. An example of Reuben’s video on the complex security concept of Hashing can be found below.


Step 2: Equip

Just as in Shaolin-Do Kung Fu, someone who has a black belt means that they have learned and are relatively more equipped with skills than one with a white belt, in CyberShaolin, we would have a similar belt ranking program to demonstrate that one is equipped with cybersecurity and technology skills. Based on the badges earned (from step 1), one would earn a CyberShaolin belt, appropriate to the knowledge and skills they have been tested for and demonstrated.

The CyberShaolin belt progression path is as follows:


Step 3: Empower

This is the easy part for CyberShaolin, because when someone is educated with knowledge and equipped with the necessary skills, then they are automatically empowered to make wise decisions to create a safe and secure cyber world.