Date: 26 September, 2015
Time: 1:00 p.m. – 1:50 p.m.
Location: Louisville, KY. USA.


In this talk, 9 year old Reuben Paul (@RAPst4r) cartwheels on to the stage and takes you through the ARP Spoofing – to – Zero Days (A-to-Z) of CyberSecurity in Hacker Style with demonstration of major attacks. He receives a standing ovation at the end of his presentation.


In this talk, 9 year old, Reuben A Paul (@RAPst4r) will introduce to you CyberSecurity Alphabets covering hacker topics ranging from ARP spoofing to Zero-Day. Using common and everyday examples as analogies, he will also cover most major cyberthreats such as CSRF, Injection, XSS, etc. and demonstrate some hacker attacks. With this being a hacker edition talk, focus will be on the cyberthreats side, but he will also cover cyberdefenses wherever it is relevant. So whether you are a n00b or a l33t haX0r; a red-teamer or a blue-teamer; there is at least one thing, he feels, you are going to learn. Come for a simple and sophisticated, entertaining and educational, informative and inspirational, one of a kind talk and you may even catch him pwning a box or a mobile device – kid style. CyberSecurity Alphabets, Hacker Editon is a must attend talk for anyone who is going to be at DerbyCon. You won’t want to miss it says the @RAPst4r :-).